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Vourvoulos Village

The village of Vourvoulos is an ideal place to stay during your vacations since it is located between the picturesque village of Oia at the north end and Santorinis famous black sandy beaches and places of archaeological interest in the south. Vourvoulos village is a traditional village which is located at the north-eastern side of the island, in the periphery of the capital town of Fira and at a distance of 2.5 km. T

At the Vourvoulos village you will find taverns, fish taverns with local dishes, mini market and ice-cream-parlour.
Besides the fact that the village is located right next to the cosmopolitan capital of the island and it's organized beach, it also has the advantage to be in the north-eastern side where lonely beaches are not organized and not Touristic on which the visitors have the chance to enjoy the Aegean Sea right next to the erotic and strange landscape which was created by the Volcano explosions

From the verandas of the houses in the village the visitor can enjoy the serene atmosphere of the island, having a view of both the valley and the sea, which is at a distance of about 1.5 km.