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Santorini weather forecast.

Santorini weather looks much the same as most of the islands of the Cyclades: sunny in the summer and dry winter with very little rainfalls.

The weather, in Santorini during the touristic season, from April to September, is bright and sunny. Only from September, Santorini can have a very few cloudy days.

The weather in Santorini some days is so clear that you can even see the mountains of the island of Crete, 70 nautical miles away.

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Today in santorini is: 


  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Celsius 12 13 12 17 19 25 27 27 24 21 17 13
Fahrenheit 53 55 53 62 66 77 80 80 75 69 62 55


Average Weather Temperatures